IT’S FLEXIBLE!        
  With our redesigned program there are 4 ways to sell! As a Rookie Rep you can enter as either an E-Rep or Bronze Level Rep. For each level, the more you sell
the more you’s up to you!
  • E-Rep ( Online Only)
  • Bronze Level ( 4 day Seller)
  • Silver Level ( 11 day Seller)
  • Gold Level ( All Season)

      IT’S EASY!    
  The clothes SELL themselves! In addition, Kelly’s Kids provides you all the supplies & support you need to be successful!
  • Training
  • Personal Selling Website
  • Catalogs & Invitations
  • Sample Clothing Kit
    ( Bronze, Silver, & Gold Levels)
  • Marketing & Sales Tools

  IT’S FUN!        
  The best part about being a Sales Rep is that it’s FUN!
  • JOIN your friends
  • MEET new people
  • ENJOY mom’s night out

      IT’S REWARDING!    
  With our compensation plan,how much you earn is up to you! You can earn personal spending money or additional income for your family! The more you sell the more you earn!
  • 40% discounted clothing
  • 15% - 20% cash commission
  • “Kelly’s Kids Cash” bonuses
  • $$$ bonuses
  • Coach handbags
  • Annual winner’s trips & MORE!

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Make these success stories your reality!
  “I had been a Hostess for 7 years and loved dressing my boys in Kelly’s Kids! When my Sales Rep moved out of state, I knew it was a great opportunity and I joined the Kelly’s Kids family. It has been a great way to earn money, have some “adult” time and dress my children in adorable matching clothes at a discount! My family has used the money I make for extra income, decorating our new home, travel for my boys baseball events and my husband’s favorite when I get a nice check is “great, we will put that in a Roth IRA!” Selling Kelly’s Kids has allowed me to keep in touch with friends and catch up with old college friends I might not see if they were not my hostesses.”

Laura Corn, Suwanne, GA
Rep since fall ‘04
    “I attended a party a few seasons ago and my husband said “sell it or quit buying it,” ha! I was worried about working full-time and starting something new, but Kelly’s Kids made it easy! Once I started selling Kelly’s Kids I feel in love with the company! As a Sales Rep I was exposed to their family values and true sense of classic styles for children. I loved getting to know other Kelly’s Kids Reps and the home office staff! My commission has been used to pay for preschool, private school, bills, shopping and family vacations! I will always be grateful for the tips and tools this company has bestowed upon me these last few years. My first season, I sold $1,200 and now I am in the $20,000-$30,000 range each season, I love it!”

Kelly Williams, Hattiesburg, MS
Rep since fall ‘07

  “I have been a Rep with Kelly’s Kids for 25 years and it has been extremely rewarding. Many of my hostesses have become my close friends, and these friendships would not have occurred without Kelly’s Kids. Not only has Kelly’s Kids been financially rewarding but it has also shown me the world! Through hard work with Kelly’s Kids, I have traveled through their Rep Reward program to Europe, Mexico, Bahamas, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, just to mention a few. So, why do I sell Kelly’s Kids? I sell for the friendships, fun, travel and MONEY!”

Jean Grist, Charlotte, NC
Rep since spring ‘87
    “Ever since I had my first child, I have always been a big fan of Kelly’s Kids! When my third child was a girl, I knew I could really benefit from being a Sales Rep! I sell for the love of the clothing and it allows me to dress my daughter in the cutest outfits each season. Any money I have left over can go towards “play money” to spend on myself! This past season was amazing as I had the #1 Hostess in the country making $3000 off one party! The cash, prizes and discounts each season get better and the friendships I have made through Kelly’s Kids are rewarding!”

Julie Walker, Dyersburg, TN
Rep since spring ‘10

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